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Blue Blue Japan

Emanating authenticity, Blue Blue Japan makes indigo-dyed products unlike most garments you are likely to have seen. With strong roots in the field of denim manufacturing, the Japanese label has offered up a selection of apparel dyed in rich indigo tones. The story starts in Tokyo at a retail space named Okura, which initially purveyed antique items before transitioning toward carefully crafted ready-to-wear clothing made using natural dyes. The art of dying is centrally important to Blue Blue Japan's brand direction; pure organic indigo is utilized to achieve a nuanced fading effect, while each product is intended to "grow" as it is worn. Up to 15 dips will result in deep indigo saturation, as for a lighter tone only 3-4 dips are needed. The dye has transformed into a means of expression for Blue Blue Japan, thereby symbolizing the importance of this age-old practice.