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    VISVIM SPORT provides a new concept of utility wear uniquely visvim.

    Reinterpreting functionality and design while utilising wool fibres that possess high breathability, as well as insulating and wicking properties; Traditionally adopted for sportswear use before the 1950s before the emergence and spread of synthetic materials. Visvim Sport pursues comfort and style fit for today's living environment.
    "Where do you exercise?" I am often asked. I answer, "I exercise at home." I used to go to the gym, but... I realized the reason I don't go anymore was because I didn't have anything I enjoyed wearing. I don't like the slippery feel of synthetic fabrics, so I have to work out at home in my underwear. That's why I wanted to create sportswear I want to wear.

    We chose wool as the main material, which was used in old sportswear before the creation of synthetic fibres. The 17.5 micron wool sourced in New Zealand is very breathable, but also comfortable to wear. This is a functional and classically designed sports collection interpreted for modern use. We hope you enjoy it.

    - Hiroki Nakamura