orSlow Atelier, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan
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    When speaking of Ichiro Nakatsu, one has to welcome the designer's opposition to a fast-moving modern society and fashion industry, through considered craftsmanship and appreciation of product on a level that stands out in an over-saturated denim market in this day.
    Founded by Ichiro Nakatsu in 2005, orSlow has been somewhat of a low-key Japanese denim brand before breaking out into the Western Market. Like many Japanese brands, orSlow puts theory into practice by applying the antithesis approach towards fast-fashion. This moral approach drives the idea of less consumption and pays gratitude to the careful hands behind each orSlow garment made.
    orSlow Atelier, Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan
    By Incorporating the philosophy of slow fashion into the brand name and designs, Nakatsu utilises slow production processes, applying handcrafted techniques and vintage machinery to produce hallmark fabrics and garments that appeal to vintage enthusiasts and contemporary menswear devotees alike. This strict hands-on approach to the design process bears the warm, human touch that can be seen with every orSlow garment.
    “A lot of Nakatsu's designs are inspired by vintage workwear and militaria combining old-style clothing with new details, thus refining the garments for the modern-day with a more casual updated feel."
    Final garment-dye test
    For Spring18, we reimagined orSlow's painter pant in an olive and brown garment dyed execution. An execution we have envisaged for some time and now glad to make reality. The colors take inspiration from years past of Ichiro Nakatsu's Orslow collections and our strong partnership.

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