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    We are pleased to announce our collaboration with orSlow in a capsule of timeless products inspired by some of the most iconic pieces in orSlow's archive, made from hard-wearing fabrics that will endure the test of time.

    The collection is available in an M-38 Shirt Jacket, Regular and Slim Fatigue Pants, and a Vietnam-era Utility Shirt executed in reverse sateen.
    When the inspiration comes from the past, it is always relevant. The inspiration for the capsule references vintage military garments and takes herringbone as the starting point utilizing its luxurious elegance, lustre, gentle drape, wrinkle resistance and remarkable durability. Notably, herringbone was introduced as the first-ever rip-stop type fabric and provided optimal comfort and durability. It is not only a unique pattern but a blend of utility and luxury that embodies the spirit of Norse Store.
    To bring the original Herringbone fabric back to life, we needed a partner capable of dyeing and constructing the cloth to our specifications. We turned to orSlow because we were impressed with their ability to produce high-quality reproductions of traditional fabrics. The fabric is constructed out of mercerized cotton, which means it holds up well over time. We also used 100% cotton thread that is colourfast so the garment patinas naturally and beautifully over time.