Originally from the Netherlands and now based in Copenhagen, Mandy Rep runs the creative studio Atelier Cph together with Sara Ingemann. We spoke to Mandy about trend forecasting, where to find the perfect work/life balance and if a correlation can be found between fashion and design.

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    What was your first encounter with creative design?

    I think I grew up with it, both of my parents are creative people and they have taught me many different things like carpeting, sewing and painting. But the first time I realised that I wanted to be graphic designer was at the age of 12. I created a magazine with material cut from other magazines consisting of collages, typography and funny stories. Shortly after that I went to a school for graphic designers. Adobe and I have never separated since.

    You have worked in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York and now Copenhagen – has the geographical distances influenced your work?

    I think it did in a way but I think it more influenced me as a person and made me where I am now; Copenhagen. Denmark has such a rich history in design and besides some great aesthetics it also has a perfect work/life balance. After a crazy work experience in New York (they seriously overdo it) and a crazy party time in Berlin (I seriously over did it) it was time for something that fitted my ambitions the best and that led to lovely Copenhagen.

    What is your biggest source of inspiration for your projects and concept developing?

    The internet for a quick fix and traveling to recharge creative energy for the longer run.
    How has your perception of trends and expressions changed over the years as you've delved more into the subjects?

    I'm seeing a change in the whole trend forecasting business. There always will be trends as long there are people. But I do see a shift in the way of how people consume. There is another mind-set, where living with less is more in focus, quality over quantity and long lasting pieces. It is less season focussed so this is pretty much on the contrary of how trend forecasting has been done over the last few years, where the focus was mostly on seasons. Personally, I don't care that much about trends. I've been wearing the same shoes and pants for over two years now. I like it to be comfortable, practical and easy so I definitely see a change in my perception of trends - maybe it also comes with the age.

    At Atelier Cph, you work with both trend forecasting in fashion and design – can a correlation be found between the two industries?

    Definitely both industries are used by consumers to express themselves. Both reflect a personal mood, identity and preferences. We use it as our canvas to tell a story about who we are and what we like. Both industries are focusing on the mind-set of the people.

    And lastly, what was your favourite look from the shoot?

    I fell in love with the beige sweater of Andersen-Andersen and this one is hanging in my closet as we speak - it was about time to change my old sweater into a new piece.