With Engineered Garments, we took the practical route by selecting key wardrobe pieces that anyone would feel comfortable in. The corduroy short jacket was something we thought wasn't a piece everyone would have whilst the flamingo shirt plays the must-have shirt for this summer and much more to come. Though the colours sit quite sporadically, we felt it was quite fitting to match up to the idea of character we made up - a guy named Doc who shops in thrift stores and always manages to make his great finds work together.

    As for TS(S), for many seasons we have really tapped into the more military and workwear based themes of Takuji's collections but this time we took the more leisure approach, really focusing on the lighter side of the brands offering by bringing in the asymmetric tracksuit, pique polo and knitted tee. The utilitarian vest slipped into our selection whilst clutching onto the fatigue shorts in this seasons signature red.

    As for Needles, this season Keizo Shimizu continues to infuse American and Japanese cultures in his signature eclectic, vintage-inspired style. Staying in tune with the rest of the Nepenthes offering for the season we had to make sure that we picked up on both military and sportswear themes.