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      Part of the fabric of Danish living. Every Summer, Danes escape the cities and towns and spend their weekends and holidays in the summer house. Often located in nature, summer houses are found close to the sand dunes of the Danish coastlines or dense forests; allowing for a time of rest and revival that bring family and friends together.

      Photographed in Ordrup Næs, the Norse Store SS23 Editorial celebrates this way of life, exploring the surroundings of Fårevejle and the beautiful landscapes of Ordrup.

    Kevin wears MAN-TLE.
    Clem wears AURALEE and Kaptain Sunshine.

    August wears Klättermusen, nanamica and KEEN.

    Kevin wears Junya Watanabe MAN and MAN-TLE.

    Clem wears TEÄTORA.