27th October 2016

1. Italian woven, 100% New Zealand wool outer
2. Loro Piana Storm System Membrane and DWR coating
3. Corozo buttons
4. Italian-made Riri zippers
5. Loro Piana Comfort Backer

Corozo is a natural, sustainable and humane alternative to real horn. A unique material, sourced from the husks of specific species of palm nuts. Also known as vegetable ivory, it is known for its excellent durability and scratch resistance luxurious sheen and natural, elegant grain.

Developed by Loro Piana, the revolutionary treatment Storm System effectively waterproofs the most precious fabrics. Through a specific lamination process, an ultra-thin hydrophobic membrane is applied to the underside of classic Italian woven fabrics, lending a unique technical edge.

A durable water repellant treatment is applied to the garment's exterior, encouraging water to bead away from the surface. The Loro Piana Comfort Backer is bonded to the back-side of the main fabric, removing the need for a secondary lining.

Now available in Dark Navy